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You don’t Make him learn,

you set it up to Allow him to learn. You have to give it to him that... with dignity. Once you start giving, you won’t believe how much you get back.

Ray Hunt

This program requires a therapist who believes that equine therapy would help their patient. Kastlerock Ranch will help in any way to make the sesion run smoothly for the therapist. For individuals with physical disabilities, riding a horse simulates the walking motion of a person, which aids in improving muscle strength, posture, flexibility, balance and coordination. The motion experienced while riding a horse provides the pelvis and hips with forward rotational movement in a synchronized alternating motion. Participants who are semi- or non-ambulatory can gain benefits from this experience through passive contraction and extension, which helps tone and supple muscle groups.

Through the nature of the horse’s movement, our students are able to achieve goals that are beneficial in a therapeutic way. For students with cognitive challenges, riding helps improve concentration, attention span, memory, speech and communication skills. For participants who are struggling behaviorally and emotionally, interaction with horses teaches teamwork, communication and responsibility. All students are challenged with success-oriented experiences which build their self-esteem.

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Kastlerock Ranch is an educational training facility for the young, and the young at heart. Kastlerock teaches horseback riding with an emphasis on horsemanship and life’s lessons such as confidence in oneself, patience with others, self-discipline, respect, compassion for life, goal-oriented solutions, and leadership skills.

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