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At my age,

it takes a little longer than it used to for me to get back up the hill. But when you aren’t in a hurry about things, you’re liable to notice more, so I don’t mind.

Bill Dorrence

Online Store - New and Used Tack

Horse Wear ** Halters and Lead Ropes - Blankets - Sheets and Coolers - Blanket Accessories

Western Tack ** Saddles - Saddle Blankets and Pads - Breast Collars - Reins - Bits and Curb - Stirrups - Cinches - Saddle Bags - Ropes and Roping Equipment - Tie Downs - Conchos

English Tack ** Saddles - Saddle Pads - Carry Bags and Covers - Bridles and Bridle Bags - Nosebands and Accessories - Browbands - Breast Plates and Martingales - English Bits - Reins - Girths - Sturrup Leather and Irons - Spurs

Stable Supplies ** Stable Hardware - Stall and Arena - Racks and Carts - Trailer Equipment - Training Equipment

Carry Bags and Covers ** Carry Bags and Sets - Boot Carry Bags - Bridle and Halter Carry Bags - Saddle Bags - Saddle Covers - Garment Bags - Saddle Blanket / Pad Carry Bags - Tail Bags and Extensions

Horse Care and Grooming ** Fly Protection - Groomong Kits - Horse Boots - Grooming Tools - Grooming Totes - Hair and Hoof Care - First Aid and Health Care

Hay and Bale Bags ** Hay Bags - Hay Nets - Bale Bags - Feed Bags - Accessories

Apparel ** Western Boots - English Boots - Helmets - Western Chaps - Half Chaps - Breeches - Show Shirts - Riding Gloves

Pet Supplies ** Coats and Blankets - Grooming Supplies - Collars - Leashes - Harnesses - Dog Toys - Pet Beds - Training and Toys

About The Ranch

Kastlerock Ranch is an educational training facility for the young, and the young at heart. Kastlerock teaches horseback riding with an emphasis on horsemanship and life’s lessons such as confidence in oneself, patience with others, self-discipline, respect, compassion for life, goal-oriented solutions, and leadership skills.

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