Riding Lessons

You need to learn to go with the horse so you can get the horse to come with you.

If you just put it into a few words that is all there is to horsemanship, is for you to get with the horse, so the horse has an opportunity to learn to get with your feel, so you both go together.

Tom Dorrence - True Unity

Kastlerock Ranch offers riding lessons for the individual or entire family who wants to explore the world of horses and horsemanship to learn an intutive method of communication with their horse and have a more successful ride with their partner.

Registration and Information

Individual Lessons are available for any age over 4 during the evenings.

$35.00 /hour session

$25.00 / half hour session

Individual Lesson Package start at $100.00 month for a hour session once a week.

Family lessons are available for any age over 4.

$35.00 per hour

Family Lesson Package starts at $120.00 month for a hour session, once a week.

About The Ranch

Kastlerock Ranch is an educational training facility for the young, and the young at heart. Kastlerock teaches horseback riding with an emphasis on horsemanship and life’s lessons such as confidence in oneself, patience with others, self-discipline, respect, compassion for life, goal-oriented solutions, and leadership skills.

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