Practice doesn’t make perfect,

only perfect practice makes perfect. We need to be more disciplined within ourselves, so that we can present our objective to the horse in a way he can understand.

Ray Hunt

The Junior Saddle Club program is structured so the students can practice what they learn. This allows students to gather and talk about different horse related help with their horsemanship. Students share experiences, solutions to problems, friendship, respect for each other no matter their age, confidence in oneself and acceptance of others with varing skills and knowledge.

Work around the barn, care for the horses, cleaning their hoofs, grooming, bathing is all part of the experience. Students are shown that there is care to have a good horse. When the horse is comfortable, so is the ride. Having a relationship with a horse is like no other experience, whereas each trust the other.

Rain or shine, Kastlerock Ranch is open by reservation. When there are animals involved, students are taught that the animal must be cared for even during bad weather. This is a time where students are taking care of the horses in the barn, and when it appropriate go outside.

Junior Saddle Club Rate - -$35.00 /day

Saturdays 9:00am to 1:00pm

Every Saturday

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About The Ranch

Kastlerock Ranch is an educational training facility for the young, and the young at heart. Kastlerock teaches horseback riding with an emphasis on horsemanship and life’s lessons such as confidence in oneself, patience with others, self-discipline, respect, compassion for life, goal-oriented solutions, and leadership skills.

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